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Carlos Zavala Wedding Photographer Carlos Zavala, capturing wedding moments Carlos Zavala, photographer in San Miguel de Allende

Carlos Zavala

LifeStyle Wedding Photographer


Photographing weddings is more than simply documenting the events of the day. Providing truly great memories requires insight, intuition and the ability to connect with people on an emotional level throughout the entire process. If the experience is positive, in the right hands, great photos will follow. Carlos Zavala photography is dedicated to providing every client with an amazing experience.

Carlos artistic approach fuses several elements, including an editorial fashion sense, a taste for distinctive colors and textures, a relaxed shooting approach and a strong passion for capturing REAL LIFE MOMENTS.

After the shoot, Carlos put his creativity to work and make beautiful, bound art books for each couple that tell the story of their most memorable moments. As a result, Carlos provide each couple with an amazing collection of images, while allowing the bride and groom to truly enjoy their wedding celebration.